I'm Diego, a former engineering student and hobbyist programmer. I like to play with Linux, Chicken Scheme, Emacs-Lisp, and Python.

You can see some of my projects here as well as on my github.

Questions nobody asked

What OS do you use?

Arch Linux. Yes, it's become a bit of a meme. Regardless, it's a very capable distribution that I've become very comfortable with. I find it quite practical and surprisingly easy to maintain - it makes you do a lot of work up-front but it's pretty smooth sailing after that, in my opinion.

No, it doesn't break on me all the time.

I've also used Elementary OS, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Debian, and macOS. I really like the idea and design of FreeBSD, but the laptop hardware support just wasn't there when I last tried it.


I've got a Lenovo T480 that's great. I also have a semi-bricked 2013 Macbook Pro. Well, fully bricked. For the moment. Don't ask.

Why does your website suck?

Hey - I'm working on it.

What is the nth fibonacci number?


e.g. dieggsy.com/fibonacci/27