Hello, world

Hey there. Maybe it's about time I got this site up and running. I've got some ideas for posts, but I've yet to master even running this blog without messing everything up, so let's try a quick test post.

Things I do

I'm an Aeropsace Engineering student, though I probably won't talk about that much here. In my spare time, I like to mess around with Python, Emacs, and the command line. I recently started looking into Haskell, though I doubt that'll amount to anything. Anyway, let's see if code snippets are working.


def my_function(my, arguments):
    print(my, arguments)


(defun my-function (arg)
  (when (stringp arg) (message arg)))

I play some music, too. I've played violin the longest, and I've played mandolin for a while. I dabble in guitar.

Things I like

I'm into classic rock, jazz, and some heavier rock, salsa, and bachata. I like EDM well enough, when I'm in the mood.

My favorite superhero is Nightwing. tl;dr: He was the original Robin, now he's pure awesome. I pretty much only read DC Comics because it's what I got into first, though I'm interested in reading some Marvel, Dark Horse, and indie stuff too.


That about sums this post up, I think. We'll see how it turns out. I'm still surprised this domain name wasn't already taken. I hope I can do it justice, eventually.

Date: 2017-02-08